Monday Muzak 62


Alter Bridge – One Day Remains: Although One Day Remains is the Creed-est of Alter Bridge’s albums, there’s a muscular heft to the heavy songs which Creed never managed believably and, as a rock vocalist, Myles Kennedy’s a lot more Ian Thornley than Scott Stapp on this one.

Nightingale – White Darkness: The least interesting but most expensively out of print Nightingale album.  White Darkness has a share of good songs — “The Fields of Life”, “Trial and Error”, “Wounded Soul” — but it also feels like a puzzle missing the pieces which would bring its picture into focus.

Anathema – The Optimist: Still planning to edit together a new version with the bonus demos and live tracks replacing (most of) the final studio versions.  The Optimist is not an album which has stuck with me in any other sense.

Alice Cooper – Hey Stoopid: Dipping a toe into Alice Cooper’s pop-metal run.  After one trip through every album between Constrictor and this one, I’d say they all bank some highlights, but Hey Stoopid is the best and most consistent of the batch.

Alice Cooper – Trash: Whereas Trash peaks right off the bat with “Poison”,  then spends the next nine songs clutching for its brass ring and failing to take hold.

Mutoid Man – War Moans: Week two.

Art of Anarchy – Art of Anarchy: The one with Scott Weiland.  A surprisingly nothing record where Weiland sounds indifferent and sings plodding, go-nowhere songs from behind a battery of effects and filters.

Art of Anarchy – The Madness: The one with Scott Stapp, which has his highest average rating at RateYourMusic and in many ways represents a substantial step up for Art of Anarchy.  If you’re into radio metal — I have my moments — then you’d actually want to hear about half of this again, although the second side gets bogged down too hard in cloying balladry about Stapp’s latest self-pitying rise from the ashes.

Nightingale – Alive Again: Much better than White Darkness.

Real talk: was not in a musical mood for most of the week, am not in a musical discussion mood tonight.


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